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    Introducing Darren Brass of

    Introducing Darren Brass of "Miami Ink"

    Darren Brass is no stranger to the tattoo world. A seasoned veteran of 25 years, Darren's career as a tattoo artist has taken him across the globe and into your homes as a star on the hit TV series Miami Ink. Now one of the main artists at Love Hate Social Club on South Beach, Darren continues to push the limits of his artistic abilities with clients that come from all around the world just for him.

    Having to tattoo so many different styles on a daily basis keeps Darren in touch with the latest tattoo trends. We knew that skill and experience meant that Darren would be perfect to live up to our mantra of "Real Tattoo Designs by Real Tattoo Artists," and his first three sets are tributes to some timeless tattoo styles. 

    Darren Brass' Stay Gold Tattoos Line-up

    When we approached Darren to collaborate we knew right away that we had found one of our future artists because he immediately clicked with our vision. 

    I obviously love tattoos, but I know that they aren't for everyone. It really resonates with me that Stay Gold Tattoos wants to maintain the same quality of art as my permanent work for their gold tattoos. What makes this even more fun and creative is that you can't get a real tattoo in gold period - it's exciting and new territory, and I can't wait to see where this goes.
    - Darren Brass 

    Darren's artistic touch can be see everywhere from the tattoo sets names of Venomous Beauty, Nature's Gift, and the Heartbreaker, to the descriptions he gave about his inspiration for each (go see for yourself, they're awesome!).

    Darren's tattoo sets have lived up to the high standard we set with our inaugural artist James Hamilton, and we promise to continue carrying on the artistic integrity of the tattooing tradition. To keep up-to-date with our artists, designs, and SALES! Sign-up for our newsletter, follow us on IG, and make sure to #IStayGold as you shine in our tattoos!

    Follow Darren on IG @Brass305

    James Hamilton - Stay Gold Tattoos' Inaugural Artist

    James Hamilton - Stay Gold Tattoos' Inaugural Artist

    Our mission at Stay Gold Tattoos is pretty simple: we offer real tattoo designs by real tattoo artists. With that guiding principle in mind we reached out to James Hamilton of Love Hate Tattoos on South Beach (home of the TV show Miami Ink!) to be our inaugural artist, and we are proud to introduce his Koi Fish and Rising Phoenix tattoos!

    James began his career in art at the ripe age of 14 years old when he was accepted to DASH, a prestigious school for the arts in Miami Beach. What started out as a hustle to go to the same school as his best friend quickly turned into a newfound passion for the arts and the rest is history.

    Now a respected tattoo artist (James has been named one of the Top 6 in Miami!) with thousands of tattoos under his hand, a husband, and a proud father of three, James has been a part of Miami's tattoo industry since he started out at Tattoos by Lou in 1998. Although not featured on the show himself, James was instrumental during Miami Ink's hit TV series as acting manager of the "regular" shop.

    A man of many talents, James is a distinguished painter, fashion designer, and digital artist as well. Co-Founder of Ruthless & Toothless, a tattoo-inspired children's clothing line, James has an entrepreneurial spirit and is always looking for new mediums of expression for his work. Knowing that we wanted to showcase real tattoo designs by real tattoo artists, James was eager to join the forefront of temporary tattoo design and lend us his skills.

    We've set the bar high with James' designs, and we aim to continue being able to live up to the artistic integrity of the tattooing tradition. To keep up-to-date with our artists, designs, and SALES! make sure to sign-up for our newsletter, follow us on IG, and make sure to #IStayGold as you shine in our tattoos!

    Follow James on IG @JamesBrutus